Region leading the Nation in job growth. – You can’t ignore that.

Dozens of national and local media outlets covered the recent news “Pima County and the Tucson metro area are leading the Nation in job growth,” and yet my opponent refuses to acknowledge this fact as truth. (Picture Rocks Forum. September 20, 2016)


My opponent is so dead-set on damaging the brand of Pima County that sherefuses to even acknowledge the successes of what she is seeking to inherit. The proud and productive partnerships that went into our economic recovery from the recession, that went into attracting and retaining high-wage employers, and went into making this region 3rd in the Nation for job growth, cannot be ignored.


  • “These Are the Cities With the Fastest and Slowest Job Growth in America” Bloomberg, August 19, 2016
  • “Tucson ranks 3rd in US for job growth” AZ Daily Star, September 2, 2016
  •  “Tucson ranks third for continual job growth among cities of its size”Arizona Business Daily, September 2, 2016
  • “Tucson one of the top cities for job growth” KVOA, September 19, 2016
  • “Tucson remains in 2nd place for growth in AZ” Tucson Sentinel, September 15, 2016


If you refuse to acknowledge it exists, how can you ensure the voters that you can continue to build it?

Pima County has fought hard to recover from a devastating national recession. I am proud of our progress and will fight to keep us on the right path.

  • More high-wage, quality jobs
  • Reduce taxes and cut costs
  • Fight Phoenix politicians to ensure OUR tax dollars are going to where WE need them


Others can make statements, I will continue to make a difference.

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