While they fight me, I’m fighting for you.

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I am no stranger to making tough decisions. When I make these hard decisions for Pima County, I base my choices on the facts and what is best for ALL our residents.


Examples include the recent economic development success stories like Accelerate Diagnostics, WorldView, and Caterpillar. However, none are as clear-cut as Pima County’s recent victory over the politicians in Phoenix.


Instead of putting its fiscal house in order, the State Legislature passes legislation that shifts more and more costs to local taxpayers. These bills force cities and counties to take drastic measures to overcome. In 2015, the Phoenix politicians passed a bill that shifted $16 million dollars per year onto Pima County property owners – $16 MILLION per YEAR. This cost-shift to local taxpayers was unacceptable, and I fought back.


Joined by school districts, community colleges and local residents, the Board of Supervisors filed suit to stop these illegal cost shifts. Well, all of my fellow members except 1.

Can you guess who it was?

Miller blank face.pptx

Rather than looking at the facts, the benefits, and what is best for ALL Pima County Residents, my fellow Board member decided that it was more important to “damage the brand” and engage in blind obstructionism than protecting your tax dollars. She apparently felt it more important to play political games than stand up to the Phoenix politicians, and more important than $16 million per year of your money.


And, in case there is any question as to how my opponent would have voted, check out what she said on Facebook:

7.24.2015 Anti Lawsuit 2


We won the suit.
We saved Pima County taxpayers over $32 million dollars over two years.
We lowered property taxes.


There are a lot of things we don’t know about the future, but we do know what the Board of Supervisors would look like if my opposition wins and allows Ally Miller and her brand of politics to take over the Board of Supervisors.


You have my word that I will always look to the facts and what is best for ALL Pima County residents.  I will fight for YOU!



Sharon Bronson


PS – If you are tired of political rhetoric taking precedent over the needs of our County, donate to my campaign today.

While others are making statements, I am making a difference.